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                    Conference System Management Software

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                    HT-1000 Series Conference System Management Software uses digital control technology to implement discussion, voting, electing, conference sign-in and video tracking, and is suitable for a variety of meeting rooms.

                    Conference System Management Software Includes the Following Functions

                    1. System Setting
                    Includes basic setting, video setting, venue configuration, sub-screen setting, etc.

                    2. Line Detect
                    Operator can check the microphone connection status in the system. The system will display the results automatically after click line detect.

                    3. Preparation
                    Includes conference heading/proposal/delegates data setting.

                    4. Start Conference
                    Operator can control the conference discuss, sign in, voting, documents and screen display.

                    5. After Conference
                    Operator can save and print the conference report; it's easy for managing the conference data.

                    As a professional conference system manufacturer based in China, we offer conference system management software, digital video conference system, video tracking system, meeting microphone, and much more.

                    HaiTian Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.

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                    Post Code: 529400
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