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                    Video Tracking System

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                    The video tracking system cooperates with the HTDZ conference system: immediate display of speaker's image, appropriate for video recording. The unique frozen image and OSD functions ensure perfect automatic video tracking.

                    Conference System Video Processor HT-8008/HT-8008H
                    1. The video tracking system offers built-in video switching matrixes (HT-8008:8 inputs, 2 outputs, HT-8008H for HD camera).
                    2. It has 256 video camera auto-track control points and offers multi-machine cascade.
                    3. It supports Pelco-D and VISCA protocol. (Pelco-D, Baud Rate: 9600, VISCA, Baud Rate: 9600).
                    4. The processor can communicate with the equipment by RS232 interface, such computer or video switching matrixes.
                    5. The high speed dome follows the location for the last opening of all speaking representatives, when the microphone which opened last is closed, the dome will follow back the last following camera spot, and when all the speaking representative microphones are closed, the dome will automatically move back to the standby position.
                    6. When not using computer software, set the camera spot in advance by pressing the button in the main unit board. You can also set by using the IR remote controller.

                    Seamless Hybrid Matrix HT-HD0808S

                    1. Seamless switching, support HDMI,DVI, SDI, VGA, AV signal
                    2. The signal conforms to the HDMI1.3
                    3. Has EDID management
                    4. The input cards support for adding custom character overlay
                    5. The output cards resolution can be adjusted
                    6. Video signal and audio signal synchronous switching

                    Video Conference High Speed Dome Camera HT-EVG08, HT-EV02

                    HaiTian Electronic is a professional video tracking system manufacturer based in China. We offer conference system, voting system, IR language distribution system, wireless microphone system, and much more.

                    HaiTian Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.

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