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                    Wired Voting System

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                    The wired voting system is suitable for a variety of conferences. With strong conference management functions, it enables voters to complete sign in, voting, electing, discussion and other procedures without leaving their seats. Using T shape connector wire, the voting system is very easy to install.

                    Voting Processor HT-8000

                    1. The wired voting system processor of the wired voting system has a built-in voting CPU.
                    2. It can support 150 voting units and can connect more than 500 units via extension unit.
                    3. In combination with the corresponding software modules, multiform voting can be implemented:
                    a. Voting function (yes, no abstain)
                    b. Electing function (single-ballot and multiple-ballot)
                    c. Scoring (100, 75, 50, 25, 0)
                    4. The voting result will be counted automatically within 1 second after voting.
                    5. The wired voting system processor of the wired voting system supports IC card sign in, key press sign in.
                    6. The processor of the wired voting system can communicate with the equipment by RS232 interface.

                    Voting Unit HT-8000A/8000B

                    The voting unit is used for the identity, sign in, voting, electing and audience response, and the results are subject to the button being pressed the last time.

                    As an experienced wired voting system manufacturer based in China, we also offer wireless voting system, true diversity UHF wireless microphone system, IR wireless language distribution system, and more.

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