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                    Gooseneck Microphone

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                    The small diameter double gooseneck design of the gooseneck microphone permits highly flexible positioning while maintaining a smooth, well contoured appearance. The gooseneck microphone includes a snap-on foam windscreen which effectively reduces wind noise and "popping". It can be connected to any 3-pin XLRF-type socket (microphone base support 48V phantom power) or directly to the sound mixing console.

                    The gooseneck microphone is designed for quality sound reinforcement, professional recording, television, conference, and other demanding sound pickup applications. The gooseneck microphone is used in meetings, lectures, teaching, etc.

                    Technical Specifications of the HT-E1, HT-E2, HT-E3, HT-E4 ProGooseneck Microphone

                    Model No. RM-01 HT-E1 HT-E2 HT-E3 HT-E4
                    Capsule Type Dynamic Condenser Condenser Condenser Condenser
                    Frequency Response 50Hz-15kHz 40Hz-16kHz 40Hz-16kHz 40Hz-16kHz 40Hz-16kHz
                    Polar Pattern Cardioid Hypercardioid Hypercardioid Hypercardioid Hypercardioid
                    Output Impedance(Ohm) 600±3% at 1kHz 75 - Balanced 75 - Balanced 75 - Balanced 75 - Balanced
                    Sensitivity (±2dB) -73dB -40dB -40dB -40dB -40dB
                    Power Supply -- Phantom 48V Phantom 48V Phantom 48V Phantom 48V
                    Mic Length (mm) 420 437 392 425 450
                    N.W. 0.17 0.11kg 0.12kg 0.17kg 0.16kg

                    As a China-based gooseneck microphone manufacturer, HaiTian Electronic also supplies meeting microphone, true diversity UHF wireless microphone system, Pro mixing console, IR wireless language distribution system, and so on.

                    HaiTian Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.

                    Add.: Dong An Industrial Park, Enping City, Guangdong Province, China
                    Post Code: 529400
                    Fax: +86-750-7820633
                    Dannie Leung: +86-13631893131
                    Grant Fung: +86-13929093277
                    Carl Shum: +86-13828095878
                    E-mail: export@htdz.com.cn