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                    Shotgun Microphone

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                    The shotgun microphone has been specially created to meet the pickup demands of broadcasting, film/TV sound, professional recording, wildlife recording and theater sound reinforcement. It is particularly useful for miking dynamic action in film/TV audio as well as in "spot" miking techniques in the music studio or theater.

                    Technical Specifications of the Shotgun Microphone

                    Model No. HT-320A HT-81 HT-81A
                    Capsule Type Condenser Condenser Condenser
                    Frequency Response 100Hz-16kHz 100Hz-16kHz 100Hz-20kHz
                    Polar Pattern Uni-Directional Uni-Directional Uni-Directional
                    Output Impedance Long Distance 1k Ohm 1k Ohm 1k Ohm
                    Output Impedance Short Distance 2.3k Ohm 2.3k Ohm 2.3k Ohm
                    Sensitivity Long Distance -38dB -38dB -38dB
                    Sensitivity Short Distance -45dB -45dB -45dB
                    Power Supply DC1.5V DC1.5V DC1.5V/ Phantom Power 48V
                    N.W. 0.10kg 0.12kg 0.12kg
                    Sound Pick-up Distance 3m 3m 3m
                    Battery Working Time (Hour) 26 26 26
                    Dimension mm Diameter 22 Length 273 Diameter 22 Length 360 Diameter 22 Length 360
                    Output/Indicator Unbalance Unbalance Balance

                    HaiTian Electronic is a China-based shotgun microphone manufacturer and supplier. We offer meeting microphone, IR wireless conference system, wireless voting system, video tracking system, and much more.

                    HaiTian Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.

                    Add.: Dong An Industrial Park, Enping City, Guangdong Province, China
                    Post Code: 529400
                    Fax: +86-750-7820633
                    Dannie Leung: +86-13631893131
                    Grant Fung: +86-13929093277
                    Carl Shum: +86-13828095878
                    E-mail: export@htdz.com.cn