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                    HT-DZII Pro interphone is used in work places with certain acoustic insulation, which allows two-way voice communication. The interphone uses specialized automatic audio switching circuit and automatic noise canceling circuit, which realizes automatic control of the channel and noise inhibition, thereby effectively preventing the phenomenon of self-excited whistle.

                    1. The interphone offers automatic one-to-one 2-way hands-free communication.
                    2. The interphone has individual volume controls for both parts.
                    3. It offers a built-in recording signal output, which can provide master station and sub-station audio output for recording.
                    4. The interphone can be used in any place where conversations need to be assisted.

                    HaiTian Electronic is an experienced interphone manufacturer and supplier based in China. We also provide meeting microphone, Pro speaker, digital video conference system, wireless voting system, and so on.

                    HaiTian Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.

                    Add.: Dong An Industrial Park, Enping City, Guangdong Province, China
                    Post Code: 529400
                    Fax: +86-750-7820633
                    Dannie Leung: +86-13631893131
                    Grant Fung: +86-13929093277
                    Carl Shum: +86-13828095878
                    E-mail: export@htdz.com.cn