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                    HT-112 Pro Audio Splitter

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                    This audio splitter supports 2 channel audio inputs and 12 channel outputs and is usually used to be connected to over 2 sets of amplifiers. There are two output channels for extending the system and ten channels for distributed output audio. It has stereo and mono switch and GND lift function.

                    1. Input power: 230V AC/50Hz
                    2. Consumption: 10W
                    3. Frequency response: 20Hz-20 KHz
                    4. Output sensitivity: XLR 600Ω 775mV
                    5. Input sensitivity: XLR 15KΩ 775mV
                    6. S/N ratio: ≤90dB
                    7. T.H.D: ≤0.5%
                    8. Dimensions: 482×445×220 mm. 1 U rack 19"

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