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                    Microphone Equipment

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                      1. Phantom Power Unit

                        This phantom power unit provides mono balanced output. It is compatible with various phantom powered microphones.

                      1. Microphone Mixer

                        Our multi-functional microphone mixer is a live sound mixing device. It can fit multiple inputs of various microphones. The unique preamplifier circuit helps ensure good quality of sound and acoustic fidelity.

                      1. Feedback Suppressor

                        The feedback suppressor was originally designed to eliminate feedback. It uses the latest DSP technology in order to efficiently and frequently shift the audio signal.

                      1. HT-112 Pro Audio Splitter

                        This audio splitter supports 2 channel audio inputs and 12 channel outputs and is usually used to be connected to over 2 sets of amplifiers.

                    Excellent sound quality in conjunction with a robust design characterizes HTDZ microphones. HTDZ offers a varied range of microphones for all applications: gooseneck, acoustical boundary and desktop microphones, etc. and the range covers all situations in which microphones are implemented. All microphones designed with the latest Anti-EMI/RFI technologies.

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