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                    True Diversity UHF Wireless Microphone System

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                    2-channel diversity receiver for the wireless microphone system in 19”, 1U housing. 1 U housing. There are 200 programmed, compatible UHF frequencies within the bandwidth in 250 kHz frequency steps. It offers Scan and ACT (Automatic Channel Targeting) function for easy location of free frequencies at the process of a button and easy transmission to transmitter by infrared diode per channel. The channel selection, setting and control is performed with a user-friendly, front-mounted jog wheel and multicolor LED display that can be ready from a wide range of angles with displays for AF level, reception quality, remaining battery capacity, frequency, group and channel. Inhibit function to protect against unintentional maladjustment.

                    Technical Specifications of the HT-77B/HT-88B/HT-98A/HT-99B Wireless Microphone System

                    Working frequency: 740.000MHz-789.750MHz /610.00MHz-659.75MHz
                    Modulation: FM
                    Frequency channel: 200
                    Switching bandwidth: 250 Khz
                    Frequency stability: 0.005%
                    Dynamic range: 100dB
                    Max deviation: 45 kHz
                    Audio frequency response: 80Hz-18kHz (3dB)
                    Signal noise ratio: > 105dB
                    THD: <0.5%

                    Technical Specifications of the HT-77B/HT-88B/HT-98A/HT-99B Wireless Microphone System
                    Function principle: True - Diversity - Receiver (UHF)
                    Medium frequency: 110MHz, 107MHz
                    Antenna connection: 2/4 x BNC
                    Sensitivity: 12dBuV
                    Sensitivity adjustment range: 12~32dBuv
                    Noise rejection: >75dB
                    Max output level: +10dBV

                    Technical Specifications of the HT-77B/HT-88B/HT-98A/HT-99B Transmitter
                    Antenna: Built-in
                    RF output: <10mW
                    Noise rejection: -60dB
                    Transmission range: 100 m
                    Power: 2pcs AA batteries
                    Battery life: 10 hours in normal power, 12 hours in low power

                    As a professional true diversity UHF wireless microphone system manufacturer based in China, we also offer VHF wireless microphone, meeting microphone, Pro speaker, digital video conference system, and much more.

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