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                    Wireless Microphone System

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                      1. True Diversity UHF Wireless Microphone System

                        2-channel diversity receiver for the wireless microphone system in 19”, 1U housing. 1 U housing. There are 200 programmed, compatible UHF frequencies within the bandwidth in 250 kHz frequency steps.

                      1. UHF Wireless Microphone System

                        Our HT-66A/HT-66B/HT-68D UHF wireless microphone system provides a new energy saving mode, automatic EQ control, tone correction and IR frequency sync functions.

                      1. VHF Wireless Microphone

                        Our VHF wireless microphone features unique diversity reception mode and 16 selectable signal channels. In addition, the wireless microphone system can deliver a clear sound even in noisy environments.

                    Excellent sound quality in conjunction with a robust design characterizes HTDZ microphones. HTDZ offers a varied range of wireless microphones for all applications and the range covers all situations in which microphones are implemented. All microphones are designed with the latest Anti-EMI/RFI technologies.

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