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                    Pro Power Controller

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                    With the progression of science and technological audio products becoming more readily available, it is inconvenient to try and use many similar types of equipment together, as the need for multiple sockets needing to be installed arises. We have a product line of equipment that is available with an on/off electrical equipment that can be connected according to customer requirements, and can operate in a mode where turning on the first one operates the entire system, or turning on the last one operates the entire system. This avoids damage to terminal equipment, such as amplifiers and speakers, due to incorrect usage and also reduces the risk of rushing electrical current that causes lines in the power transmission when the electrical system is turned on. As a built in function of this system, operators at times will never need to touch the on/off switch. It is an important piece of equipment for audio systems, conference systems, broadcasting systems and other electrical engineering systems.

                    Technical Parameters of HT-3208, HT-6008, HT-8016

                    Input Power: AC 220V 50~60Hz
                    Power Capability: 220V, 16A, Max 10A/channel
                    HT-3208: 3200W, HT-6008: 6000W, HT-8016: 8000W.
                    Control Channel: 8 channels (HT-3208, HT-6008), 16 channels (HT-8016)
                    Interval Time: 1.5 Secs

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