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                    Pro Amplifier

                    The pro amplifier has a built-in efficient transformer and high capacity filter power supply. This helps ensure lower distortion, greater low frequency control force and clearer voice when the amplifier outputs at full load. The pro amplifier offers three output modes, including stereo, mono and bridge output. The use of time delay relay circuit allows soft start, which helps protect the speaker against electric shock during POWER ON or OFF. The pro amplifier is widely used on many occasions for speech transmission and sound reinforcement.

                    Technical Specifications of the Pro Amplifier

                    Model No. HT-P300 HT-P400 HT-P600
                    Input Power AC 220V 50~60Hz AC 220V 50~60Hz AC 220V 50~60Hz
                    Input Sensitivity/ Impedance 500mv/20K Ohm 500mv/22K Ohm 500mv/20K Ohm
                    Output Consumption 8 Ohm 2×300W 2×400W 2×600W
                    4 Ohm 2×500W 2×600W 2×800W
                    Bridge 8 Ohm 800W >900W 1500W
                    Frequency Response 20Hz-20kHz 20Hz-20kHz 20Hz-20kHz
                    S/N >90dB >90dB >90dB
                    T.H.D. <0.05% <0.05% <0.05%
                    Channel Impedance 4~16 Ohm 4~16 Ohm 4~16 Ohm
                    N.W. 14.2kg 15.8kg 18.5kg
                    Dimension (L×W×H)mm 430×430×125 430×430×125 430×430×188
                    Color Black Black Black

                    TechnicalSpecifications of the Pro Amplifier

                    Model No. HT-P200 HT-P350 HT-P450 HT-P650
                    Input sensitivity/impedance 500mv/20KΩ 500mv/20KΩ 500mv/22KΩ 500mv/20KΩ
                    Output consumption 8Ohm 2 × 200W 2 × 350W 2 × 450W 2 × 650W
                    4Ohm 2 × 350W 2 × 550W 2 × 650W 2 × 850W
                    Bridged 8Ohm 600W 850W 1050W 1550W
                    Frequency response 20Hz-20KHz 20Hz-20KHz 20Hz-20KHz 20Hz-20KHz
                    S/N ratio >90dB >90dB >90dB >90dB
                    T.H.D. <0.05% <0.05% <0.05% <0.05%
                    Channel Crosstalk <-70dB <-70dB <-70dB <-70dB
                    Output impedance 4~16Ω 4~16Ω 4~16Ω 4~16Ω
                    N.W. 12kg 13kg 16kg 19kg

                    As an experienced Pro amplifier manufacturer and supplier based in China, HaiTian Electronic also provides Pro speaker, digital video conference system, discussion conference system, and meeting microphone, and much more.

                    HaiTian Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.

                    Add.: Dong An Industrial Park, Enping City, Guangdong Province, China
                    Post Code: 529400
                    Fax: +86-750-7820633
                    Dannie Leung: +86-13631893131
                    Grant Fung: +86-13929093277
                    Carl Shum: +86-13828095878
                    E-mail: export@htdz.com.cn