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                    Professional Audio System

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                      1. Pro Mixing Console

                        The pro mixing console is key to a professional audio system. Using preamplifier as the main part, it can receive multi-channel audio signals of different impedances and levels and can equalize, mix, distribute these signals.

                      1. Pro Power Controller

                        With the progression of science and technological audio products becoming more readily available, it is inconvenient to try and use many similar types of equipment together, as the need for multiple sockets needing to be installed arises.

                      1. Pro Amplifier

                        The pro amplifier has a built-in efficient transformer and high capacity filter power supply. This helps ensure lower distortion, greater low frequency control force and clearer voice when the amplifier outputs at full load.

                      1. Pro Speaker

                        Our pro speaker is a new professional conference product that is developed to meet the requirements for high definition voice, high sensitivity, great durability, large sound pressure and low distortion.

                      1. HT-D1000 Digital Network Audio Processor

                        This digital network audio processor is a closed-loop feedback control system, which can make the fixed phase relationship between the PLL output and a reference signal.

                    All our professional sound systems are especially designed and made for conference. The conference system equipment can achieve the perfect sound quality with these sound systems.

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