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                    1. Home
                    2. Project


                    • Dialogue Between Lao Government and Chinese-Funded Enterprises
                    • Meeting of Heads of Goverment of China and Central and Eastern European Countries
                    • Ministry of Health, Boardroom, Morocco
                    • USAID Conference
                    • International Conference on the Coalition of Cities against Discrimination
                    • International Conference on the Coalition of Cities against Discrimination Conference Express Room
                    • Turkey Constitutional Court
                    • Turkey Constitutional Court Conference Room
                    • Assam Assembly, India
                    • Chinese Group Investment Co., Ltd. (Saint Petersburg, Russia)
                    • Hotel International, Zagreb, Croatia
                    • Korea
                    • Tehran, Iran
                    • The Belgorod State Agricultural University, Russia
                    • UNFCC EU Coordination Room
                    • Zadar Matrix 2007 World Tour
                    • Spain
                    • Ministry of Health Board Room, Morocco Ministry of Health Board Room, Morocco
                    • Yugoslavia
                    • Command Centers of Launching Base of Shenzhou V VI Manned Space Flight
                    • 9th National Game Control Center, China
                    • Chinese Academy of Social Science Conference Hall
                    • Conference Room of Ordos Municipal Public Security Bureau
                    • Election Conference Hall, Qinshui County, Shanxi Province
                    • Foshan Bank Conference Room
                    • Fujian Daily Office Conference Room
                    • Government Conference Hall, Enping City
                    • Guangdong Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision
                    • ICBC Jilin Branch
                    • Inner Mongolia Xinchen Hotel Conference Room
                    • Jinjiang Maritime Safety Administration Conference Room
                    • Military Conference Hall, China
                    • Pal Gad Scientific and Technical Information Center Conference Hall
                    • People's Procuratorate of Guiyang City
                    • The 3rd People's Congress, Xinzhou District, Wuhan City
                    • Xiamen Planning Bureau Conference Room
                    • Political Consultative Conference Hall, Jiangmen City

                    HaiTian Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.

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                    Post Code: 529400
                    Fax: +86-750-7820633
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                    Carl Shum: +86-13828095878
                    E-mail: export@htdz.com.cn